7 Mistakes That Men Make On The First Date

Dating is usually a point in life where you feel like you want to take responsibility in some one else life.

We going to look at the first date and what men do or need to do to avoid simple mistakes that are usually made. So what do men need to check on the first date.

Dress To Impress

Dressing for the occasion is dressing to impress. If you’re taking her out to dinner at a nice restaurant then wear casual dress clothes or collared shirt and fitted jeans. If you’re going kayaking don’t wear a suit, wear a bathing suit or board shorts. No matter the occasion be presentable, groomed, get a haircut, put your phone on vibrate or turn it off, spray on some cologne and be clean. Remember – First Impressions.

Dont try to out do your self, what always works is being yourself.

Be On Time

If you’re going to be late it better be because Godzilla is roaming the town. Don’t let it be due to you forgetting to fill up on gas or time for traffic. Every second you’re late she’s waiting on you. Do the right thing and be on time. It’s part of showing respect – to her.


If I ask a stranger out or a girl I don’t know too well I like to plan a date that isn’t too committal. Both on your wallet and time. You’ll want to talk, laugh, exchange ideas and beliefs.

This can be done over coffee, happy hour or something similar. Sparks won’t always fly and if it doesn’t it’ll be easier for both of you to part ways. If sparks do fly though you can easily suggest something after.

If you  tell her that you will be meeting  in Java then don’t take her to Sanford or Java B.

Don’t Have High Expectations

Don’t go in to it expecting too much. During or after the date ask yourself these questions.

How was the conversation? Did it flow naturally? Was it your type of conversation? Did we laugh? Was there more than physical attraction? Do you want to see her again? There might have been some awkwardness and that’s fine. You’re both nervous so give her the benefit of the doubt.

A cool advice take it a new experience rather than expecting her to be this or that.

Be Polite

Be polite to her and everyone that crosses your path during the date. After telling her she looks beautiful you probably don’t want to be guilty of over flattery, so try complimenting something about her. Compliment her outfit, hair or personality.

Also be polite by not engaging in intimate questions just be respectful to her as a person.

Dont Lie

Lying is the first resort many men go for as they dont want her to know them fully. Being truthful is the first step of letting her into your life. How bad will it be if you lie on the forst date, i think its the start of putting yourself in a frying pan.

Dont try to act like you live in a uptown when you actually live in Ghetto. Or Saying you own a hood when you live in a rented single house its just not right.

Follow Up

Forget about thoserules like waiting 24 hours or 2 to 3 days before letting her know how much fun you had.

Letting her know the next day doesn’t mean you have to plan the next date right then and there. You’re just letting her know you enjoyed her company. If she did too she’ll get back to you and the second date can be planned from there.


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