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5 Amazing Things All Wives Should Know About Their Husbands

Whether you recently said “I do” or just celebrated a double-digit anniversary, you can probably spout off a lot of info about your husband-his middle name, where he was born and his favorite food.


Knowing only this is certainly not enough here are 5 surprising things that all women should know about their husbands in order as to have a great relationship.

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1. Which Topics Set Him Off

Maybe it’s talking about his mom’s flavorless cooking-or his late nights at work .it’s important to know where the emotional landmines are. If you step on one, you can expect an explosion. But you can’t avoid all “hot topics.” Find the right space and time to talk about these issues. Plus, try to understand your husband’s side, and then approach him in a non-threatening way.

2.  How (and When) to Be His Support System

Couples who say they have strong spousal support and face daily stress have 50% higher rates of marriage satisfaction according to study. While wives equate affection and warmth with support, husbands feel supported when they’re appreciated, needed and receiving offers to help with errands.

3. How He Views His Role as Husband and Father

Whether it’s just you two or you plus kids, you and your husband have equally important family roles. And it’s vital that you recognize how he views his part and respect it.  Fight the urge to cast your husband into specific parts without his input. And keep in mind that you don’t always have to be in sync with parenting. “Differences in temperament and style are key to parents’ success and the enjoyment of parenting.”

4. What His Dream Job (or Vacation or Car) Is

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life, but happy couples discuss each other’s hopes and dreams to build . Find out his career goals for the next few years-or just hear about his favorite book, TV show or food of the moment. Then, reciprocate by telling him more about you. Communication helps you grow with each other instead of apart

5.  That You Don’t Know Everything About Him

No matter how much you communicate with your husband, you can never completely know him, and that’s OK. “It’s never good to believe you know anything about your partner for sure and therefore not ask

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