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4 Ways In Which Social Media Will Destroy Your Life

Some article that we wish to share with you about social media, addressing the issues of  face book twitter , Google plus and others.

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Does Social Media affect the way we interact with others today ? This and some other questions are answered in this article by  Pastor Brian. (CP)

Social media allows you to be the center of your own universe.

 If you’re not careful, you’ll actually begin to believe that the world revolves around you – that people are just waiting with baited breath for your next status update. There’s a reason why “selfie” was the big word of 2013. This is not at all to say that letting your personality shine through your social networks is all bad. But if you struggle with egotism or self-centeredness to begin with, social media can provide the stage for excess.


Social media provides a dangerous (and false) sense of anonymity.

Everything is public. Privacy is an illusion. Facebook is a stalker’s dream. These are warnings I issue over and over to people who believe they are being anonymous online, and I speak as one who is an open book online. But I’m careful. While transparency is certainly a value of our current culture, and it’s well warranted, too much transparency can get you into serious trouble.


Social media allows us to vent our feelings without a filter.

I cringe whenever a Christian leader says anything controversial online. I know what’s coming. A barrage of criticism from people who may indeed be right in their assessment, but wrong in their approach. The disunity of the church has never been on display more than in our current age when everyone is a publisher

The problem is, because we speak from behind the thin veil of a screen, we disconnect a person’s words from the context of their life. We pounce without understanding the heart, the motives, or the real life story of the one whom we are castigating. And when everyone voices an opinion about everything that is major news, the world sometimes sees the worst side of who we are. It is by our oneness that the world will know we are followers of Jesus, but social media can fuel division and put it on display.

Social media can distract us from what matters even more.

What matters more than our presence in the digital space? Our physical, mental, and emotional presence with those whom we love. Social media will direct our attention to conversations happening elsewhere and distract us from the conversations happening right around us. How many times do we see tables full of family members, each in their own world with a smartphone? And how often do we “just check Facebook for a second” while our kids are playing a dozen feet from us? Sometimes we just need to check in instead of “checking in.”

The problem isn’t really social media. It’s our humanness. But social media, with all of its power for good, can provide a pretty great outlet for some of our worst human habits.

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