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10 Lessons The Kenyan GOSPEL INDUSTRY Can Learn From DON MOEN’s Concert

The Oxford Dictionary of English defines a concert as a public performance of music. It usually takes place in a spacious environment depending with the type of event, may be gospel or secular content.

Following the just concluded concert in Kenya by American Praise and worship leader Don Moen and Lenny Leblanc, there are ten good reasons Kenyan gospel artists should learn.

don moen and lenny Nairobi



The scriptures has it that one who humbles himself before the Lord will be lifted up. Being humble costs one nothing but earning a lot from God and others. . Worshiping God comes from a humble spirit ready to receive from the Lord rather than human understanding. Through humility you tend to meet people you never thought of meeting as well going places. Your songs sell so rapidly and you experience Grace that you never imagined of.


A contrite spirit is one which is broken and not proud in any way but ready for God to minister in it. A sincere worshiper assumes to know nothing but is expectant of the Lord. It is also singing with an understanding for your purpose. God loves such a spirit.

don moen mombasa concert


John 4:23,24 says but the hour comes and is now when the true worshipers shall  worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth for the Father seeks such to worship him. God is a spirit and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. Many Gospel artists nowadays sing from their own understanding without indulging with the Holy Spirit of God. It is the spirit that leadeth and not human understanding.


You cannot excel in a class subject in which you totally hate the teacher. You cannot worship God if you don’t love him and know what he can do in your life, you just have to love him first. We as Christians experienced the first love at the cross when Christ died for our sins. The only way we can love him back is through accepting that he died for our sins and was crucified for our sake. A selfish person cannot praise, worship and sing for God because he or she will be delivering limited worship to GOD.


Singing in concerts and moreso gospel performed content are all about God. He is a jealous God that wants total worship and not to any other god. Artists should let God take charge through his spirit and everything else will be history. Let him take charge and you will be surprised by the turnout and miracles you never expected.


Many  gospel artists tend to force people into feeling the musical content other than praising and worshiping. This is mostly done by repeating what the artist does. Praying over the concert before you start organizing for anything matters a lot. It is not all about preparing the sound, welcoming other fellow artists or just performing the songs. Failing to plan is planning to fail. That is why many gospel singers wonder why their concerts did not receive a huge turnout as they had thought of forgetting they never allowed God to take control of the situation.


What’s your purpose on this earth ? You are called by God to win souls.

Music creates another platform for increasing souls to the heavenly kingdom and you should understand that it is God who chose you and not your own being. It is by his Grace that we are born again, not human understanding that one should boast of. The major aim of singing gospel music is that it is a tool to bring the human hearts back and closer to God. It is not an entertaining platform accompanied by secular dances. At the end of the day people want to hear your message and not the drama.


You are assigned to worship God. Your purpose on earth is to serve him. Many artists nowadays are in the ‘entertainment’ industry rather than bringing people back to God they push them further. Misconception according to the Biblical scriptures have been misunderstood by many who in turn mislead the others. There are dancing moves that are not Christian as well as the song stylistic devices used by producers who help artists make their dream come into a reality through the studios. Have the heart to worship.


It is all about spreading the good deeds of Jesus. He can heal the incurable diseases beyond human understanding and so we tend to preach the Gospel of good news. Any gospel artist should be prayerful in fact a prayer warrior. One can chant a prayer in the middle of a song and wonders may happen. Nothing is impossible when we pray because it is the major link between us and God the creator. It makes us feel more closer to him. It also warns us on impending dangers from the evil and the change of mind at a last minute point. Prayer is the only tool used for fighting  the evil spirit in the spiritual realm. It desists one from falling into temptation.


You have realized that there are many concerts, events or functions you once organized but failed and you did not have a reasonable excuse, it just failed! It is simply because God has not yet said yes. When we pray God has three answers and they all have good reasons that we may not understand at the moment but later on: yes, no, wait.


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